Cost of Laying Sod That Will Enable You Prepare an Estimate for Your Backyard

Cost of Laying Sod That Will Enable You Prepare an Estimate for Your Backyard
31.07.2014 21:18

The term 'sod' refers to grass which has been planted and nurtured systematically. Large old mansions, golf courses and tennis lawns are some of the common places where this grass is usually planted.

Sod grass is usually planted in a much disciplined manner. It is then trimmed and nurtured so as to maintain high standards. However, for you to plant it in your garden or if you want to undertake a project that involves lawn making, there are several costs that you will be required to put into consideration.

First you need to bear in mind that though grass or sod prices are not high, the initial process involved in nurturing the growth of the lawn is not only time consuming, but also full of many overheads. You will need to put this into consideration or else your lawn may run wild. In this article we are going to specifically look at some of the costs involved in the process of laying sod.

Cost of Laying Sod

The first thing that you are required to do is ascertaining the total surface area of the place where you want to place the sod lawn. This is very essential as the prices of the sods are usually expressed on the basis of weight.

The second consideration involves finalizing the sod type that you want to plant. Usually, there are two types of sod namely, warm season sods and cool season sods. Just as the names suggests, the warm ones usually thrive well under the warm climates while the cool ones under cold climates.

When rearing this grass for the first time, you should note that the cool season grass will usually require more water to thrive, if it happens to be planted during the warm season. It is thus advisable that you plant the sods as per their seasons so as to cut down costs of maintenance.

You should also note that sods are usually sold either as seeds or inform of integrated carpet grass. The carpet sod's upfront cost is usually higher, but if you happen to consider the seed, you will be required to nurture the grass to full growth, and also at the same time you will be required to maintain it throughout all the seasons. Let us now have a look at the various cool and warm climate sod varieties.


*Kentucky Bluegrass

The deep green feel usually present in the grass makes it to be a very popular variety. A 3 pound bag is needed for some 1000 square feet. This will approximately cost 10-30 dollars.


This one is slightly less expensive than the Kentucky bluegrass and its seeds are usually used in proportion of approximately 25 ibs per 1000 square feet. The 25 ibs bag approximately costs 70-80 dollars.


*The Bermuda grass

This grass type usually costs approximately 30 dollars per one ibs. You may get a five ibs bag for approximately 25-30 dollars.


This type of grass is usually used in proportion of approximately 2.5-3 ibs as per 1000 sq feet. This will cost you approximately 30-40 dollars.



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